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Don't leave until the fat lady sings

Are you familiar with the quote " It ain't over until the fat lady sings?' It's a widely held view that the origin of this quote has its roots in the theater, specifically the famous Richard Wagner's Götterdämmerung Opera in which a fat lady brings the production to a close with a solo rendition. I have never had the privilege of attending an Opera, but the quote still rings true to my favourite past time of photography.

Sometimes we don't give nature enough time to fully play out the scene and we rush to take what is in front of us at the moment. There is something to be said for taking your time, slowing down and letting nature do her thing in her own time. Like the Fat Lady in the quote, she will sing her solo at her own pace and then the curtain will come down. The image below is testimony to this. I had spent almost an hour at the location, snapped all of the images that I thought were available for the day and was putting my kit into my car when I glanced back.

What did I see? Well lets just say the "Fat Lady" was just on the last bars of her song and she was belting it out at her mightiest. Of course there was a mad scramble back to the beach, a hasty remounting of the camera on the tripod and then the capture of nature at her very best.

Don't Leave until the Fat Lady Sings.

#Landscape #Seascape #Sunset #LongExposure #Water #Clouds

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